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From graphic design, 3D modeling, animation.and just about everything in between, J Squared Graphics is a design company that can help your business succeed. Our company has both the technical skills, and the real world experience that enables you to reach and persuade your consumers quickly and effectively.We handle all aspects of design from website design, graphic design, brand marketing, identity design for companies and more.

Pathfinding Consulting
Grants Office

"Logo design and branding material for a Memphis collage student grants and loan office wanting a unique identity seperate from the school to draw more opportunities for new student to go to school."

Annesdale Historic Distric
Shatalu Turtles
Strategic Design

A concept logo and branding material design for an design and marketing company with the tag line "What is your strategy?

Dowling and Woodard Medical Clinic

A logo design for a new Medical Clinic. The icon shows the Ouroboros and the Rod of Asclepius. Representing unity, the never ending cycle of life, death and rebirth. And medical healing.

Loan Alliance
Gresham and Associates
Adikit Management