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About J Squared Graphics

Memphis graphic design location

J Squared Graphics has been a recognized name in the Memphis and Nashville design industry for the past 6 years. We carry a range of graphic design tools to suit every business task great or small. Our range includes industry renowned design tools from leading software including Adobe and Autodesk. We also supply a range of marketing plans to suit every budget.

Our major area of interest is Multimedia Production. J Squared Graphics qualifications consist of Web Design, Flash Design (Actionscript 3.0), 3D Modeling and Animation, Search Engine Optimization, and Print Productions such as Logo Design and Developement, and Design Composition and Multi Page Layout. We at J Squared Graphics believe that equally, deadlines must be met, the client is the main concern, and giving them what they ask,need and deserve is the overall objective.

  Mission Statement

   The mission of J Squared Graphics is to provide the world with the best designs and graphics around. To help up and coming businesses get their names out to the public. To help small businesses reach their target audience, and to help large companies promote their produce and services.

   To give people high quality designs for anything from wedding and graduation invitations. To designs for a community or club organization, to shirt designs for family reunions.


Logo Design & Branding

We can create a new iden-tity and/or logo that will set you and your company apart from the crowd, and to identify your company's unique style.
Search Engine Optimization

Increase your bottom line with search engine optimization and internet marketing. We specialize in SEO and SEM services.
Website Design

New site design or existing site redesign or update. Advice on Web Analytics packages that can help owners understand what is working and what is not working.
3D Modeling & Animation

Do you have an idea for a new product or package design? Cut the expensive overhead prototype cost and have a 3D replication of your prototype.